Hair growing dandruff cause, home remedies, tips & tricks

Hair growing Dandruff cause, Home remedies, Tips & Tricks


Hair Growing Dandruff Cause and Home Remedies

Hair Growing Dandruff Cause And Remedy

Today's the day to take care of life's little time for women. There seem to be several problems. These have included the dandruff, which takes hair loss. Head to be dirty, a reduction in circulation, Dandruff etc. are due to lack of proper diet. The Dandruff hair is their towel, pillow, etc must be excluded.

The Cause Of Hair Growing Dandruff

Dermatologist cosmetics surgeon and says that nowadays has greatly increased pollution. This is the problem of many Dandruff. This problem is heightened in the winter, because the cold is less moisture in the air. Because of the very few women drink cold water. Many times there are bathing, the scalp becomes dirty and increases Dandruff.

Indeed, Dandruff is one of the East, in which the head is won by eating frozen oil or dead skin. Thus, the cells of the skin of the head loss seems too early. The weather is dry in winter. Because of the cold room for more women sits near heater. Room heaters dry the room environment, which enhances the Dandruff. In addition to this kind of fungal dandruff Infant too, which is in the hair roots and scalp.

Some women with children are more oily and sticky, which itself tends to lead to Dandruff. Diet plays a vital role in the proper. So eating adequate amounts of zinc, B vitamins and some fat, make sure. After Dandruff head scab, hair loss, those are common Domuhan. So, keep in mind the following points:

Dandruff Methods To Overcome

1. The cold weather is definitely mild shampoo wash hair 2-3 times a week

2. Keep track of hormone balance. Oil glands in the scalp is also due to the closure.

3. Select the shampoo on the advice of a doctor, because the wrong shampoo can lead to allergic.

4. Make sure oil massage of the head 2 times a week.

5. Do not use ammonia-ted hair colour.

6. Give full attention to your diet, the diet should be nutritious. In addition to this, drink plenty of water. Even the cold season.

Despite all these measures, consult a doctor immediately if not dandruff.

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