What to Eat & Do not Eat to Increase Weight

What to Eat and Do not Eat to Increase Weight

What to Eat and Do not Eat to Increase Weight

If you want to increase your weight by sitting at home, then you can do it easily by bringing changes in your eating habits. We are responsible for the increase of our body weight. In this way, you can consume some foods and add these high calories and fats as regular diet of your body.

If you want to increase your weight then in this case you will have to follow the diet chart below. Although excess weight is not good for the body, then in this case you have to keep in mind that you will not be overweight if you have many weight gains.

If you want to increase your weight by the right way then you should get the help of the right exercise, so that you eat the food you eat easily and do not get fat in your body. Today we tell you about ways to increase your weight.

With this list help you know what you should eat to gain weight.

What you should eat to gain weight

Ice cream - Ice cream contains a large amount of calories. They contain enough sugar and fat, which is a helpful remedy to increase your weight easily. We know that you love better than its taste.

Chocolate - One of the Obesity is very high in calorie and fat in chocolate. Although dark chocolate is very low in calories. So instead of consuming it you can take a second sweet chocolate. By consuming them your weight will easily increase.

Pastries - Pastries have a high amount of carbohydrate, fat and sugar. You can easily increase weight by adding extra tapping with pastries. Egg pastry is a great source of carbohydrate and fat.

Butter - Instead of margarine, you start consuming butter made with milk, it has a lot of fat, which increases your weight easily. You can eat this butter by mixing it with bread and vegetables, besides you can eat butter cube directly.

Paneer - If you want to increase your weight then no one can help you more than cottage cheese. 100 grams of paneer increases your body weight more than 402 calories. With which you can easily increase the weight.

Dried fruits - Raisins have high calorie intake. If you really want to increase your weight, then you should take regular dry fruits. Dry fruits give great support to facilitate weight gain.

With the help of egg-protein, muscles are formed and it is also helpful in increasing the weight. Tell you that egg is also a source of protein, which helps to increase your weight easily. There are 13 grams of protein with vitamins in 100 grams of eggs, which is very important for weight gain.

Avocado - Avocado contains the most calories. 100 grams avocado has 160 calories and contains fat, sugar and carbohydrate. You can increase your weight by consuming it in your regular diet.

Banana - One of the measures to increase weight is banana helps to increase the calories of the body easily, there is at least 105 calories in a banana. It contains high amounts of carbohydrate, which increases the weight. If you want to increase your weight quickly, then in this case, you can take Shake from day to day.
Milk is one of the domestic ways of being fat, by removing the double-tone milk from your diet, if you start consuming fat milk then your weight increases easily. Milk contains high calorie, fat and vitamin, which is very helpful in weight gain.

Potatoes - You can increase your weight easily by adding carbohydrates to your daily diet. Along with carbohydrate in potato, there are also amino acids, which is very helpful in increasing your weight easily.

Rice - You start consuming rice and brown bread by removing the bread from your daily diet. Consumption of rice increases the amount of calories and carbohydrate in the body. You can easily increase your weight by eating 3 times a day.

Meat - Red meat is completely full of protein and fat. If you add red meat to your daily diet for a month, then you can easily increase several kilos. If you do not want to eat it daily, then do it for at least 3 times a week.

Energy bars - The energy bars that are available in the market are quite high in carbohydrate and calories. It is full of dry fruits. Regular consumption of an energy bar can increase your weight easily.

Pasta- Like rice, pasta also has a large source of carbohydrate and it is very beneficial in weight gain. You can increase your weight by consuming a sufficient amount of pasta in your daily diet.

Soybean - Soybean has high source of calories, protein and vitamins are also abundant in it. In this, high amounts of minerals are also found along with fiber. To increase your weight, start consuming it on a daily basis.

Do not eat to increase weight

Cucumber - The cucumber has a high amount of water and calories are found in very small quantities. There is no fat in 100 grams of cucumbers. By consuming cucumbers for a long time, no calories grow in your body and your stomach is full for a long time. So if you want to increase your weight then you stop consuming cucumber.

Strawberries - Strawberries and all kinds of berries contain fewer calories and fat. It fills your stomach, but it does not help in increasing your weight.

Citrus fruits - Oranges and grapes contain fewer calories. They contain water, fiber, vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial for good health, but they do not help in increasing the weight. With this, it eliminates calories, so if you are making an idea of ​​increasing your weight then stop consuming them.

Watermelon - Watermelon contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals, due to which it contains very little fat and carbohydrate. Due to high quantity of water in it, it does not gain weight. If you are thinking of increasing the weight, then taking watermelon in such a way would be a wrong decision.

Leafy vegetables - Vegetable vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and fibers, which is good for our digestive health. Although these vegetables do not raise our body's calories. In such a situation, if you want to increase your weight as soon as possible, then taking empty stomach leafy vegetables will not be of any use.

Broccoli - There is only 31 calories in a broccoli. Fat is also very low in this, it contains vitamins A, K and C along with iron. That helps in burning fat. You do not have to reduce fat but rather to increase it, in such a way it is not right to take broccoli.

Turnips- By consuming 100 grams of turnip, you lose 28 calories of your body. So it would be better that you stop consuming turnips while increasing the weight. So that you can easily get your desired weight.

Skimmed milk - When skimmed milk is made, all the milk is removed, which reduces calories and fatty milk. So if you want to increase the weight of some extra kilos, then you stop smoking skimmed milk.

Margarine - Margarine is considered as low-calorie butter. It is made of skimmed milk. There is very little fat in it. You can eat butter instead of margarine, doing so will increase your weight.

Curd - Fats and carbohydrates are very small in curd. With only 100 grams of yogurt, only 59 calories increase in your body. Apart from this, it fills your stomach easily, which does not increase your weight. It will be better if you do not consume it while reducing weight, because it lowers your fat.

Grain bread - The bread made from cereals contains very little calories. It reduces your appetite and also contains high amounts of fiber, which does not help increase the extra kilo, but also reduces the weight.

Diet Soda - Diet soda found in the market contains very small amounts of calories. It eliminates hunger and by which we start consuming enough quantity of food.

Mushrooms - Much less fat in the mushroom and fiber, vitamins, minerals are much more. So in such a way to consume it, it will not be a good idea.

Hot water - By taking hot water, body temperature starts increasing, and fat decreases in the body. So if you are considering the idea of ​​weight gain in your mind, then in this way you start consuming cold water instead of hot water.

Couple the weight gaining foods with weight training for the best results

If you have reached your stage of development, then in this case you should take proper care and pay attention to your weight. By doing so, your weight will increase, along with that the poster of your body will also change. In such a way, before choosing the exercise, you will always have to look at the part where you need more fat. For this, you have to first take high calorie diets and then pay attention to the weight of your muscles. Apart from this, you should also check that your weight has not been overweight.

Choose your high calorie but healthy foods

When you want to increase the weight for a curved figure then in such a way you should try that the calories you eat are in the amount of calories they are presenting. By consuming foods such as ice cream, pastry, cold drinks, your body's calorie intake will increase, but these foods are not suitable for our body and do not cure deficiency of any kind of vitamins or minerals. So it depends on you which foods you are consuming to increase your weight. Eating fruits like potatoes, dairy products, products, meat, chicken, eggs, rice, beans and bananas increases the weight in healthy way.

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