Seerah Poem | Beautiful Poem on Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Seerah Poem | Beautiful Poem on Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Seerah Poem | Beautiful Poem on Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

What a year was 570 AD
A person was born, a prophet to be

Muhammed (ﷺ) that was his name
People were misguided and that’s when he came

He would go on to leave all the ill traditions behind
He is an example to the whole of mankind

Rabbi-al-Awwal, in it was a day
He came to this world to show us the way

He was born in Mecca, the holiest place
A life full of challenges he was to face

Abdullah ؓ, his father, had by then passed away
Leaving Amina ؓ, his mother, in her arms he lay

Halima Sadia ؓ took over his care
Until he was six, our prophet was there

His mother then passed, he was left all alone
Abdul Muttalib, his grand-dad then made him his own

When our prophet was nine, his grandfather left for eternal garden 
Abu Talib, his uncle, became his new guardian

In his 20’s, a merchant Nabi Muhammed (ﷺ) became by trade
Al-Amin (the trustworthy), became his grade

Khadija ؓ aged 40, became his bride
He was 25, with her by his side

To the poor, she gave away all her wealth
A dedicated wife in sickness and health

He would go to mount Hira, leaving behind his wife
Reflecting and wondering about the meaning of life

Whilst thinking there in the midst of the night
He heard a loud voice which filled him with fright

It was the angel Jibreel ؑ who asked him to read
Our prophet said I do not read

The angel embraced him and then asked him later
‘Read, Read in the name of the Creator’

Who created man from a drop of blood
Our prophet didn’t read but at that time he could

Our prophet rushed to the path straight ahead
He heard a voice from the heavens which said

Nabi Muhammed (ﷺ) truly you are the messenger of God
Nabi Muhammed (ﷺ) wondered and thought this quite odd

‘Praise be to God’ his wife said instead
‘I know you’ve been chosen as God’s messenger’ she said

And thus Khadija (r.a.) became the first woman of Islam
And over the next 23 years came the revelation, the Quran

He preached to all people, every creed, every race
Yet so many hardships he had to face

There were fears for his life, then the Hijra’h took place
He entered Medina, by the Almighty’s grace

He was greeted by the Ansaris who were not like the others
they treated the Muhajirs like their very own brothers

Then came the battles, fought face to face
Then the conquest of Mecca, Nabi Muhammed (ﷺ)’s birthplace

An-Nasr was revealed, it’s message was clear
Nabi Muhammed (saws) knew that his time was near

Everyone gathered to hear his last speech
little did they know how far Allah’s message would reach

Nabi Muhammed (ﷺ) gave us the miracle, the Quran
And now a 1/4 of the world follow Islam

He is our role-model, the best of mankind
And has left the Quran and his Sunnah behind

Read the Quran as much as you can
The words of Allah ﷻ for the guidance of man

And follow our prophet’s sunnah, when eating and dressing
And send him salutations and many a blessing

He came to mankind to show us the way
And Insha-Allah, we’ll meet him one day.

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