Top 5 Tips & Secrets for Hair Color Dye Without Side Effects | When to wash hair after coloring

Top 5 Tips & Secrets for Hair Color Dye Without Side Effects | When to wash hair after coloring

Top 5 Tips & Secrets for Hair Color Dye Without Side Effects

Best Way To Colour (Dye) Hair Without Side Effects | When to wash hair after coloring

Often people say that hair colour has a new look but the hair texture does not last as before. However, nowadays, hair colour is very trendy and its crew is growing in youth. But after getting the colour, it starts complaining that now their hair is not as soft.

A newlyweds have said a few days ago that they had painted their hair on marriage, even before that they have painted many times. They say that many of their hair has started becoming white. She believes that the chemicals responsible for hair colouring are present in colouring.

In this case beauty experts believe that this is all because people do not care about their hair properly. They say that before and after the hair, hair needs extra care, and keeping in mind some things can be avoided by the problem of hair dyes.

Hair Colour Tips To Follow

If you are one of those who like to have hair colour then you can avoid the hassle of following these tips -

Tip # 1 - Before hair colour, trim hair, which will remove hair from two hair and colour will be more beautiful.

Tip # 2 - If you want to straighten your hair, then make about 3 weeks before colouring. The chemicals should never be used in the hair immediately before colouring.

Tip # 3 - Deep conditioning should be done in the hair before the colouring, it will make the hair strong and will not weaken the use of chemicals that take place during the colouring. For this, you can use egg made hair pack.

Tip # 4 - If you are using Henna (Mehdi) in the hair, then you should stop using Henna for about 5 or 6 months prior to the coloration, because the colour on the hair henna does not fit properly.

Tip # 5 - If you have any kind of scratches, light injuries or pimples on the skin of the head, then let it be okay only after that you should make hair colour only.

How to take care of hair after hair colour

After colouring, too much hair shampoo should not be used at all. This eliminates the necessary moisture in the hair and breaks the hair. Beauty Experts believe that anti-dandruff shampoo is usually harsh. Also, shampoo is also available for specially colourised hair in the market, so you can use them. With this, you should use a good conditioner.

Hair should be done only by putting oil twice a week.

Hair should be naturally dry. To dry the hair, do not use too hot hair dryer and if possible try to dry the hair in the sun.

- Wet hair should not comb. If you feel more involved in wet hair, you can solve hair with an open-tooth comb.

- Always try that hair should not be washed with salt water. By using saline water many types of problems can arise in the hair.

Avoid swimming for a few weeks of colouring in the hair because chlorine is harmful for hair colour, which is found in the swimming pool. As a protection, you can wear swimming pools and swim.

In puberty, hair can be re-painted in about 4-6 months intervals. Keeping things in mind, side effects of hair colour can be avoided. In addition to improving Damage hair, hair creams, hair balms, hair spas in the market, massage with hair and deep conditioning. With just a little care, you can definitely boost your personality by getting trendy hair colour.

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