Skin & Hair Care Tips and Tricks From Dry Air

Tips for Skin & Hair Care From Dry Air

Skin & Hair Care Tips and Tricks From Dry Air

Skin and Hair Care From Dry Air

The month of October and November is also called pink winter season. Pink winter is considered to be the best and happy season of the year, the reason being that everything is normal in this season. This season does not sweat too much nor does it have very much dryness in the air. So just a little care in this season keeps you beautiful and youth every moment in this season. So let's know, how to care for your skin and hair in this pink season –

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

If there is no regular cleaning of the skin then there is a lot of problem on the skin. Therefore, it is important that you daily exploit your skin with a soft scrub, i.e. remove the dead cells, so that the skin deep becomes cleansed. To make this scrub, make a paste by mixing one spoon of Khas-Khas, one spoon milk, Aloe Vera gel, two teaspoons glycerin and one teaspoon honey in two cup oatmeal and scrub before bathing. Dead skin will be removed from the oat in this scrub and the skin will soften with milk, honey and glycerin.

Nourish Skin Naturally

Make a pack to nourish your skin nourish. For this, mix the cream and strawberries in a spoonful Maltani soil and apply it on your face and wash the face after some time.

Keep Your Skin Shiny and Glossy

The effect of chill winds is started in these days, due to which most people start getting skin dry and the glow of the face is lost somewhere. In this way, you can make a sign and glossy facial from a good cosmetic clinic. In this facial, pulp and juice of fresh fruits are used. Glycerin is also used in this facially lot if you have too much dry skin. This facialish increase the moisture level in the skin and the skin looks healthy and juicy.

How to make lips pink

Put a few drops of mustard oil every night in your navel. It keeps moisture from the lips and does not even dry up. Apart from this, sweetness of honey can also make your lips soft.

How to Care Of Cracked Heals

With the change of season, the problem of tornadoes started, and to avoid this, mix lemon, glycerin and rose water in the same amount and wash the feet in the night and apply it to the natural moisturizer on the feet.

If the beams have exploded, clean them regularly at home to get rid of them. For this, add 2 liters of lukewarm water to one tablespoon of salt and some drops of lavender oil. Keep the feet soaked in this water for 10 minutes, and then clean it thoroughly with pumice stone and wash it with water. Smooth the feet and massage with Vaseline for a while. From time to time, going to a good beauty parlor can take some sittings of pedicure and paraffin wax pack. This will crack the cracks and the edges will be cleared.

Problem and Solution of Dry Scalp

To wash hair, use warm water and warm water and creamy shampoo and conditioner. Even after washing hair, you can also use the live-in conditioner. Scratch your hair from 2 to 4 drops and scratch them in the hair, doing this will make the hair look soft and also sign in it.

Homemade Hair Pack to Save Hair from Dry Air

Hair can also be protected from poisonous air through the domestic hair pack. Mix two spoonfuls of mayonnaise and yellow egg in the pulp of an avocado. Put this paste in your hair like a mask. The avocado used in this mask will give Vitamin-A and Vitamin-E to the hair, which will reduce the problem of two-headed hair and also increase its growth. The egg will serve as the natural conditioner for hair and will give her nourishment. Steam the hair for 5 minutes after about half an hour of applying this pack. By steaming, the porcelain will open and the nutrition of the pack will reach the inside.

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