Shahnaz Hussein's 15 Natural Hair Care Tips, Routine & Tricks

Shahnaz Hussein's 15 Natural Health Hair Care Tips, Routine & Tricks

Here we are sharing with you Shahnaz Hussain Hair Care Tips, which will benefit your hair by using

1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables, as it is necessary for your health, in the same way, you will also have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for your hair health.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking only does not extinguish your thirst, but also helps you to hydrate your whole body. Along with this, it also makes many body functions very good. The most important thing is that it is also good for your hair. So you drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.

3. Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Coconut Oil (Coconut Oil) is very good and useful for hair.

Heat the Pure Coconut Oil and after that it is cool, add it to your scalp (at least once in a week). After putting it -

Dip a towel in warm water and squeeze it well and bind it to your head like a turban.

Leave it again for about 5 minutes. After that, do this again at least three to four times.

By doing so, the oil that is on your head and hair will absorb your head and hair properly.

4. Hair Wash

It is very important to clean hair well in hair care.

You should also know that in the summer and in the Humid Climate, you should wash your hair a little more than you normally wash your hair. Doing so will not sweat your hair Grease and dirt will also be clean.

Those, whose hair is covered, wash their hair at least 3-4 times a week.

Whose dry hair, if she washes two times a week, it would be better for her.

It is also very important to clean the chemical and pollution along with dirt from the hair.

But there is no need to clean hair too much, because more washing will go away to the natural shining of your hair. At the same time, natural elements will also end and your hair will be seen as lifeless, dry and dull.

5. How to make herbal shampoo in hair (Herbal Shampoo On Hair)

Use only Mild Herbal Shampoo in your hair and do not mix chemical shampoo properly. After this, a conditioner that suits your hair must be done.

6. For Dry Hair

Managing dry hair is a very difficult task.

To maintain dry hair, heat one spoon castor oil and one teaspoon coconut oil and mix them thoroughly in your hair and scalp and massage them.

Wrap the towel over your head like a turban.

Try to wrap it like this all night, but if it is not possible to do it, at least three to four hours keep wrapping it like this.

After that wash with warm hot water.

Wrapping this hot towel in such a way is very good for hair glow, hair is strong and beautiful.

7. Use of lemon for oily hair

Those whose hair is Oily, they add a lemon juice in 1 liter of water and rinse the end of washing your hair with this water. By doing so, the hair will benefit quite a lot.

8. Henna Pack with Lemon, Coffee, Egg, Oil and Curd made from lemon, coffee, egg, paraffin and curd

This is one of the best tips for hair growth of Hena Hair Pack Shahnaz Hussein.

For this, add 4 spoon lemon juice, 4 spoons of powder, 2 raw eggs, 2 spoon oil and a little curd and mix them in Hina or Mehndi powder.

Mix it until its paste becomes formed and it does not look completely identical.
Apply this paste at least 3 times in your hair, doing this will make your hair soft and beautiful.

9. How to Rinse The Hair Naturally

This is one of Shahnaz Hussein's very effective and popular hair tips.

For this, take a handful of dry amla, a handful of rye and a handful of gram flour and mix it in 1 liter of water and keep it for the night.

Boil it on the second day until the water remains half.

Then keep it cool for cooling.

Filter it and rinse your hair and keep it in freezing for later.

Similarly, one day you can do your hair like a natural rinse this week.

10. How to avoid hair whiteness

Amla is very useful for the problem of hair and skin, and it is also very useful to prevent hair becoming white.

To use it, put a raw gooseberry juice in a glass of water and drink it daily before breakfast.

Apart from this, if you use Mehndi for your hair, then add some amla juice in it and then put it in the hair.

Take some dry amla and soak it in two cups of water overnight. Take out the water in the morning and keep it for use. Now add the powder of Mehndi powder in the dry amla and grind it with 4 spoons lemon juice, plenty of powder, two raw eggs and ample water in sufficient quantity and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your hair and keep it for about 2 hours, then wash it with water.

It will prevent your hair from becoming white and will bring shine in hair as well.

11. Use of lemon for Dandruff

To get rid of Dandruff, put Coconut Oil in your hair and keep it overnight. Put lemon juice in Scalp the next day and keep it like 30 minutes. Then wash it with light hot water.

12. Heat is not good for hair

Most of the hair styling technique is exposed to hair, which makes some damages. One of the same is to give Heat. Heat is never good for hair and should be avoided as far as possible.

13. Survivor with too much hot water

Hot water also damages your hair like heat treatment. It eliminates the natural moisture in the hair and makes them dry. Therefore, never to wash your hair with very hot water. It would be nice to use Normal water.

14. Use of Dry Towel

When drying the hair with the towel, keep in mind that it does not make hair very fast. Instead, you should lightly pet Dry. Rubbing a very fast hair can make your hair break and can be damaged.

15. Do not tighten hair too tight

By tie the hair more tight, hair can be damaged and broken. Therefore, hair should be loosened.

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