Shahnaz Hussain Incredible Beauty Tips & Tricks

Shahnaz Hussain Incredible Beauty Tips and Tricks

Shahnaz Hussain Incredible Beauty Tips and Tricks

Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Tips

You will be well aware about Shahnaz Hussein, who is a famous beauty expert in this country and also received the prestigious Padma Shri award for his appreciation of new and modern work in the field of beauty. Her most special thing is that she gives special tips for everyone. They have also given various types of beauty products using Ayurveda and those who have used it have benefited greatly. Talking about a beauty expert, some of the tips given by her will also tell you here so that you can benefit from it too –

Tips to Fix the Connection of the Skin Complex

For this you take cucumber juice, lemon juice and raw milk in equal quantity and mix it and apply it on your face. Wash it after about 15 minutes. By doing this, your face will get enhanced in the skin and the better the complexion. By doing this daily, you will find that the color of your face has changed.

Get rid of black spots of face

For this you should take 10 ml honey and 20ml lemon juice and mix it. Put this mixture on your face for about 20 minutes. After that wash it thoroughly and clean it. By doing this every day, the dark spots of your face will gradually disappear.

Remedies for getting rid of Pimples Shanaz Hussain Pimples Removal Tips

For this, make a fresh face pack of sandalwood on your face and wash it after about 15 minutes. After washing, apply neem made from neem on your face, because neem is anti-bacterial, so it makes the face germicidal, and the skin gets shine from sandalwood.

Tips to keep skin fresh and soft skin care tips

For this, take two spoons of curd and mix turmeric in it, then keep this paste with spoon for 10 to 15 minutes. Shake until the thick curds of yogurt are finished and after that keep it on your face, let it remain for 15-20 minutes. After that wash it with clean water. Apply it every day and keep it fresh every day, it will keep you fresh and fresh.

Tips for Oily Skin Shanaz Hussain

If your skin is oily then you need special kind of care. For this, take 10ml of tomato juice and mix about one teaspoon yogurt into it. Leave it on your face for about 20 minutes, and then wash it with water. By doing this for a few days, there will be a great difference in your face skin.

How to Get Rid of Facial Tanning and Sunburn Face

To get rid of tanning and flame burn, take 1 egg and mix one teaspoon lemon juice and one spoon of honey and mix well. After mixing well, apply it on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes. After that, wash it with clean water to remove it from your face. By doing so, the problem of tanning and sunburn will be removed in a short time.

Black Heads Removal Tips

To get rid of the blackhead, by Shahnaz Hussein, a good scrub tips for all of you have been told. For this, mix the rice flour and yogurt in small quantities, it will work as a scrub. Now put this scrub on your whole face and keep it tangled with a light hand. By keeping doing so for a while, the black heads of your face will end in a while.

Shanaz Hussain Glowing Skin Tips

If you want more gloves in your face skin, then you must do this. For this you will have to make a face pack from oatmeal, yogurt, honey and almond powder. To make this face pack, mix all these with a certain amount of mixture and let it stay on for 15 to 20 minutes on your face. The caution in this is that you put it slowly and face massage too. In a short time this will make your skin appear tremendous.

How to Clean Dry Skin Shanaz Hussain

If your skin is dry, you will be worried about the skin of the skin. But now with information given by Shahnaz Hussein, you can keep your skin clean at home. For this, take about 20 baths of sunflower oil and 7 bowls raw milk and mix it well and apply it properly on your face, and then clean your face with cotton or clean clothes. By doing this daily, your skin will look good in a few days.

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