Beloved Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) - The Promoter of Mutual Love

Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) - The Promoter of Mutual Love

Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) - The Promoter of Mutual Love

Love is an important Islamic principal. Allah says: “Allah loves the noble believers, and they love Him. (1) Love is one of the purest feelings in human experiences. But this does not mean any carnal desire, which is what it is often thought and portrayed. There is an enormous difference between these two. 

Prophet Muhammed ﷺ was that holy figure whose heart contained this pure love, which flowed unto all the creation. 

Talking about his love towards us Muslims, who came after him, Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said: “If only I could see my brothers.” The sahaba who accompanied him then asked him: “O Allah’s Messenger ﷺ, are we not your brothers?” He replied softly: “No, rather you are my companions. My brothers are those who are yet to come.” He ﷺ continued and said how he would recognize us: “If anyone among you had a black horse with white limbs, will you not recognize it?” They all gave a positive response. So he ﷺ said: “That’s how my brothers will come to me on the Last Day, their limbs will shine brightly due to ablution. And I will be waiting for them next to the spring [of al-Kauthar]. (2)

Recorded in history, it is a well-known fact that many companions sacrificed their lives and limbs for Prophet Muhammed ﷺ and his message, and he ﷺ loved them dearly. However, he felt so much in love with the generations to come, that he called us “brothers” – that's how he defined love, purely for the sake of Allah! 

On a different occasion, Prophet Muhammed ﷺ spoke about few special people. He ﷺ said: “There are those amongst Allah’s servants who are neither prophets nor martyrs, yet on the day of judgement the prophets and martyrs would envy them for their closeness to Allah. They are Allah’s servants from different cities and tribes, they have no blood relation between them howsoever. Yet, they love each other only for the sake of Allah. The Almighty will illuminate their faces, place them on the pedestals of pearls in front of all of the mankind, and these people will have fear of none, while the commoners will fear.” (3)

In this message, there lies great message for those who wish to portray Islam as an upsetting, non-emotional and a dry concept of civilization. On the contrary, it is the most appealing, realistic, livable, lively and cheery system of life, suitable for all!

1. Surah Maidah, verse 54
2. Sahih Muslim
3. Sahih Muslim

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