Those Campaigns to Discredit the Prophet (ﷺ)

Those Campaigns to Discredit the Prophet (ﷺ)

Those Campaigns to Discredit the Prophet (ﷺ)

Those Campaigns to Discredit the Beloved Prophet (ﷺ)

The main goal of people behind bringing discredit to the Prophet ﷺ is to ensure people do not believe in whatever he preached. This has been the case for 1400 years now.

In Makkah, 14 centuries ago, the Prophet’s ﷺ call towards Islam began to worry the leaders of Makkah who opposed Islam. Few of them were his immediate or distant relatives. They were slandering a sacred personality who they themselves call Al-Sadiq (the truthful) and Al-Ameen (the trustworthy). They were afraid of the Prophet’s ﷺ revolutionary message which threatened the existing order of the society.

Today, there are some low lying, mean, uncouth and disgusting elements which, for their political gains, slander the noble Prophet ﷺ. Their opposition is meant to gain a position which lasts for a few years. Then they would have to be present in the Holy Court of Allah and answer Him alone. As far as the sanctity of the Prophet ﷺ goes, the Creator of the worlds has Himself defended the Prophet ﷺ against all the slanders and this defence is spread across the Quran including the verses 41 & 42 of Chapter 69. 

For others, whose agenda is to gain a grip of the entire world and create a world order, they too slander Islam and the noble Prophet ﷺ, promote the so called ex-Muslims’ views about Islam and its teachings – to confuse Muslims and promote Islamophobia in whichever ways they can. The grip of this world and the hereafter, and everything which is in these two worlds lies in the control of Allah and Prophet Muhammed ﷺ is His Messenger and the most beloved amongst all the creation.

Secret & open admirers of Islam & the Prophet (ﷺ):

People amongst them were and are those who secretly admire the Quran and the Prophet ﷺ. There have been Orientalists, who’ve researched Islam for as much as fifty years of their lives, remained non-Muslims, but couldn’t stop themselves from admiring Islam and the Prophet ﷺ. A few among them accepted Islam too. Time and time again people from the West like Michael H. Hart, Karen Armstrong, Edward Said, Lesley Hazleton, Montgomery Watt, Martin Lings (accepted Islam), Nasreddine Dinet, and there’s a never ending list of people who studied Islam, accepted the teachings of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ and showed the world that the teachings of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ are not just spiritual, noble, peaceful, but scientific, logical, reasonable, non-extreme and the solution to humanity.

Muslims got to think smart now:

We must understand the plan of the blasphemer. Know why a person is committing blasphemy of the noble Prophet ﷺ, and give him a befitting reply. The old and un-Islamic style of burning public properties, killing innocents, creating chaos wouldn’t do; that brings further discredit on the teachings of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ. If you’re into legality, start a legal process against the person. If you are a writer, write more on the prophetic biography (Seerah). If you are a social media influencer, talk more and upload more about the beautiful life and teachings of the Prophet ﷺ. Know this: one of the best replies for blasphemies is to speak, discuss, write, upload more about the Prophet ﷺ, online and offline! Flood the world with Seerah of the Beloved ﷺ! There cannot be any tighter slap on that face.

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