The Generosity of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) Par Excellence

The Generosity of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Par Excellence

The Generosity of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Par Excellence

The Generosity of Beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Par Excellence

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the most beautiful, most courageous, and the most generous of all human beings. (1)

If anybody asked anything from the Prophet ﷺ, he used to give infinitely. Once a person came to the Prophet ﷺ and the Prophet ﷺ gave him an entire heard of sheep which grazed in a valley. When he returned to his tribe, the man said, “O my people! Accept Islam because (Prophet) Mohammed ﷺ gives so much that a person receiving it wouldn’t ever remain a destitute.

Sayyiduna Safwan bin Umayya ؓ - one of the archenemies of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ narrated that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ gave me so much but anyway I still had ill feeling toward him. However, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ kept on giving me so much that He ﷺ became the most beloved to me among all the people. 

As per Ibn Shahab, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ gave 100 sheep on the day of Hunayn to Sayyiduna Safwan ؓ. Then he ﷺ gave 100 more sheep, and later another 100 sheep for the third time to Sayyiduna Safwan ؓ. However, Waqidi says that on the day of Hunayn, Prophet Muhammed ﷺ gave away an entire valley full of livestock, filled with sheeps, goats and camels to Sayyiduna Safwan ؓ. To this, Sayyiduna Safwan ؓ said: “Such a generosity can be shown only by a prophet.” (2)

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ knew that this was one of the most effective ways of winning Safwan’s ؓ heart. This approach was the approach of Ihsaan, which made Safwan ؓ fall in awe and love with the Prophet ﷺ. 

Remember that Sayyiduna Safwan ؓ was one of the last people from the City of Kaba who accepted Islam after the Conquest of Makkah.

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2. Anwaar Muhammadiyyah by Imam Yusuf bin Ismail al-Nabhani ؒ 

The Generosity of Prophet (PBUH) Par Excellence

Sayyiduna Anas (ra) narrated that Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said: “I am the most generous amongst you all.” And Sayyiduna Jaber (ra) said: “Whatever among the worldly possessions were asked from the Prophet ﷺ, he never rejected. (Ref: Bukhari and Muslim)

Hafiz Ibn Hajar Asqalani (rh) says that if the Prophet ﷺ had anything to give, he did so, else he used to remain silent. Additionally, Hadrat Ibn Hanafiyyah (rh) narrates that if someone asked something from Prophet Muhammed ﷺ and if he intended to give it, he used to say “yes”, else he used to remain silent. (Ref: Anwaar Muhammadiyyah by Imam Yusuf Nab’hani)

*Statistics that will stun you:* After Hunain came into the fold of Islam, a woman came to the Prophet ﷺ and started reciting a poem, wherein she narrated about the infancy and fostering days of the Prophet ﷺ. Subsequently, Prophet Muhammed ﷺ gave her a lot of things (probably in the form of money/coins, cattle etc.). When the items were evaluated later, it equalled to 5 crore dirhams (50 million Dirhams, which may be multiple times more valuable as per current Dirham rate). Ibn Wuhiyyah (rh) narrates that such a generosity was unseen, neither in the past nor in the present. _(Ref: Anwaar Muhammadiyyah by Imam Yusuf Nab’hani)_

*A major monetary giveaway:* It is narrated in Bukhari Shareef that once a lot of money was sent to Madinah from Bahrain, which was never sent to the sacred city ever before. It was ordered to be kept in the Masjid. When Prophet Muhammed ﷺ arrived, he didn’t even look at the money. He offered prayers and when he completed it, he started distributing the money even without looking at it. Sayyiduna Abbas (ra) came and put his request. Prophet Muhammed ﷺ gave him so much that he could barely lift it. The generous Prophet ﷺ remained there and distributed the entire money amongst the needy, until it was over.

Ibn Abi Shayba (ra) narrates that these were a hundred thousand (100,000) dirhams, and it was for the first time that such huge money was brought to the Prophet ﷺ. It was sent by Sayyiduna Ala bin Hadrami (ra) from Bahrain, and brought by Sayyiduna Jaber (ra) on a camel. 

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