Our Beloved (ﷺ) – A Prophet Like No Other

Our Beloved (ﷺ) – A Prophet Like No Other

Our Beloved ﷺ – A Prophet Like No Other

Our Beloved (PBUH) – A Prophet Like No Other

Many people even now think that the job of a prophet is to merely deliver the message of Allah to humanity. They think that the prophets and messengers are those who Allah chose to convey the dos and don’ts to humanity. However, that’s not so simple. 

One the contrary, prophets offer solutions to people. They teach people how to overcome the challenges in this life and in the hereafter, by giving practical exemplification. They clearly tell us the purpose of life – a topic which humanity often ponders upon. 

The sahaba knew the importance and the high stature of the Prophet ﷺ. So they came and asked him question. The Prophet ﷺ not just responded to them, but showed them practical examples. He ﷺ went through a great pain, and tried his best efforts to pull the people from ignorance to the light of wisdom. 

Moreover, as a prophet, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah ﷺ was blameless. Moreover, his knowledge was uncountable. Someone came to Prophet Muhammed ﷺ and asked him why he always asks Allah his Ummah’s well-being and not Sayyiduna Sulayman’s (a.s.) kingdom. So he said with a beautiful smile: “So how do you know Allah hasn’t given me better than the kingdom of Sulayman (a.s.)?” Then he explained: “Listen! There hasn’t been a prophet sent by Allah except that Allah granted them some of their requests during the lifetime. Many of these prophets were disobeyed by their people, so their request was for divine punishment; and it was granted. Their nations were destroyed. But when Allah gave me the same opportunity, I asked Him to allow me to intercede my nation on the Day of Judgement.”*(Ref: Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah, Mustadrak by Imam Haakim)*

Remember, Sayyiduna Sulayman (a.s.) had the best ever kingdom under his control. There wouldn’t be a better kingdom than his, never. But the entire world is like a drop in front of an ocean in front of the life after death. Prophet Muhammed’s ﷺ decision to intercede for us, protect us against the Fire, was the best choice ever made by anyone. 

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