Establishment of Brotherhood by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Establishment of Brotherhood by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Establishment of Brotherhood by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

When our beloved ﷺ migrated to Madinah, he primarily took three major steps:

 1. Constructed the Masjid (Masjid Nabawi Shareef)
2. Formed brotherhood among the immigrants (Muhājirīn) and the helpers (Ansār).
3. Drafted the Constitution of Madina - a covenant between Muslims and non-Muslims of Madinah

In this article, we will discuss the importance of casting the immigrants and the helpers into brotherhood, and the need for us to do the same today.

This essential foundation laid down by the holy prophet ﷺ toward the establishment of the Islamic community was vital because:

1. No state or country can come into existence and endure without the foundation of unity and solidarity, nor can unity and solidarity come about without a spirit of genuine brotherhood and mutual affection among the people concerned.
2. The concept of society is opposite to a mere scattered disjointed collection of individuals by one thing, namely, the principle of cooperation and mutual support among its members. If these cooperation and mutual support are based on social justice and equality, then the society is a sound, equitable one. If, on the other hand, they are based on injustice and prejudice, then the society itself will be unjust and errant. Additionally, the state should also ensure that the distribution of fundamental resources and means of subsistence are equal.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ took the brotherhood, which he established among the immigrants and the helpers, and made it the foundation of the principles of social justice, whose application made possible the greatest and the most magnificent social system the world has ever known. It wasn’t a mere lip service, rather it was a concrete reality connected with the circumstances of their daily lives. As evidence of this, we have merely to reflect on what was done by Sa’d bin al-Rabī ؓ, who the prophet had joined in friendship and brotherhood with the immigrant sahabi Abd al-Rahman bin Awf ؓ. Sayyiduna Sa’d ؓ offered to share his home, his family, and his wealth equally with Sayyiduna Abd al-Rahman ؓ, however the latter thanked him and asked him to simply direct him to the city market, so that he could find some gainful employment. There are many more such incidents with the Sahaba which took place back then.

This was the bond which was needed for the establishment of the immigrants, for the Muslims as a community, and for the strengthening of a Muslim state through which Islam could be propagated. The basis of this bond and brotherhood remained none other than the bond of Islam, and the unity of faith in its true sense.

Today our houses, our families, our societies, our communities, our nations, overall the entire Ummah need to be united with the same Islamic bonding, for being able to face all the challenges the Muslims face globally today. Until this happens, our communities will be tortured - mentally and physically, our holy places will be attacked, and our holy books will be burnt. May Allah help the Ummah of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah ﷺ, aameen!

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