Imam Hasan bin Ali ؓ – The One Loved by Our Nabi

Imam Hasan bin Ali ؓ – The One Loved by Our Nabi ﷺ

Born on 15th Ramadan 3 Hijri, Sayyiduna Imam Hasan ؓ passed away on 28th Safar 50 Hijri. Below are few of the authentic hadiths which talk about his virtues.

Imam Hasan bin Ali ؓ – The One Loved by Our Nabi ﷺ

The love of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr for Imam Hasan ؓ

Narrated Sayyiduna Uqba bin al-Harith ؓ: ‘Once Abu Bakr ؓ offered Asr prayer and went out walking and saw Al-Hasan ؓ playing with boys. He lifted him on his shoulders and said, “Let my parents be sacrificed for your sake! You resemble the Prophet ﷺ and not Ali”. Ali ؓ was there and smiled after listening to this. _(Sahih Bukhari, 3542, and Hadith 3750 with different words)_

The One Who Resembled Prophet Muhammed ﷺ

Narrated Sayyiduna Anas ؓ: None resembled the Prophet ﷺ more than Al-Hasan ؓ did. _(Sahih Bukhari, 3752)_

Looking for Allah’s love? Love Imam Hasan ؓ

Narrated Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah ؓ: ‘I was with Allah’s Messenger ﷺ in one of the markets of Madinah. He left (the market) and so did I. Then he asked thrice, “Where is the little (child)?” Then he said, “Call Al-Hasan bin Ali ؓ.” So Al-Hasan bin Ali ؓ started walking with a necklace (of beads) around his neck. The Prophet ﷺ stretched his hands out and Al-Hasan ؓ did the same. The Prophet ﷺ embraced him and said: “O Allah! I love him, so please love him and love those who love him.” Since Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said that, nothing has been dearer to me than Al-Hasan.’ _(Sahih Bukhari 5884)_

Prophet Muhammed’s ﷺ special dua for Imam Hasan ؓ

Narrated Sayyiduna Usama bin Zaid ؓ: Allah’s Messenger ﷺ used to put me on one of his thighs and put Al-Hasan bin Ali ؓ on his other thighs, and then embrace us and say, “O Allah! Please be Merciful to them, as I am merciful to them.” _(Sahih Bukhari, 6003)_

Sayyiduna Imam Hasan ؓ was poisoned , and thats how he became a martyr.

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