Imam Mahdi will Appear Soon

Imam Mahdi will appear soon

Mufti Abul Baba Shah Mansoor, may God bless him and grant him peace, has written in the book Dajliat/ regarding the tablets of Hazrat Daniyal (peace be upon him) that a state of the Jews will be established and Imam Mahdi will appear fifty years after that.

Imam Mahdi will appear soon

(It is obvious that the foundation of Israel was laid in 1946/47, but in 1973, the United Nations recognized it as a country and recognized its flag, so the real foundation as a country and state will be considered in 1973. Fifty years are completed in 2023 so it is possible that Imam Mahdi will appear in 2024.)

Also, the campaign indicated in Nasa'i, in which a party of Imam Mahdi will come out of Khorasan (Afghanistan and West Pakistan etc.) and fight in the eastern region, then the recent news that is coming can be a forerunner.

(Signs of Dajjal's emergence)

It is also worth noting that the drama of Corona will also be ended in 2024.

24 News regulars have had a long debate on this and the official declaration of Hindu Rashtra in the country of India will probably be in the same year and a year before that, in 2023, the ban on Turkey will also be lifted, which clearly means that war will be imposed on Turkey, resulting in Constantinople being taken over by the infidels.

And the tradition of the death of the Saudi king has been that he usually dies around the age of 90, and at this time the current king, King Salman, is 86 years old. It is possible that he will be around 90 by 24-25.

And the anniversary of the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate is also coming to an end by 2023

He is also an Arab scholar

Sheikh Sadiq al-Mughlisi al-Mrani has spoken about the appearance of the Mahdi around the age of 24 It turns out that these two years i.e. 2024 and 2025 are very important in terms of Zahoor Mahdi.

One thing that is of great concern is that different groups of the Ummah are also looking for Imam Mahdi. This humble person has also received the news that the concerned leaders of various Jihadi organizations are very worried that Jihad will be started in the whole world under the leadership of Imam Mahdi and they are looking for him for this.

A few days ago, someone said that Pir Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi of Pakistan sat in the Haram and swore that Imam Mahdi will appear in 2025, and every year he goes in this search to somehow recognize him. Can one more interesting thing I remembered.

The servant was listening to a statement by Maulana Sajjad Nomani Sahib in which Hazrat made a very strange point while commenting on Surah Kahf and said:

Allah has mentioned Dajjal's temptations in Surah Kahf, and Surah Kahf starts from the half of the fifteenth century.

He further said that the mention of Dajjal ends when the sixteenth day begins, which shows that this temptation will end before the sixteenth century.

He also said that Allah Ta'ala has mentioned Bani Israel before mentioning Dajjal, which shows that these people will be in a lot of discussion before that, i.e. they will get rise.

Now, If we consider these words of Hazrat, then the same conclusion emerges from this, since Dajjal is likely to come in the middle of the fifteenth century and Hazrat Mahdi will come about five or six years before him, and at that time 1443 Hijri is going on. Is . Mean 45 five or six years ago. 46 Hijri which is 2024 and 25 according to the English year.

After the emergence of Imam Mahdi, it is very possible that after 2025 there will be a third world Islamic war under the leadership of Imam Mahdi.

In any case, no matter how you consider it, these two years will be revealed. It is known that these two years are of great importance for the Muslim Ummah. May Allah Tabarak and Almighty protect the Muslim Ummah from Dajjal's temptations and conspiracies, Amen, Amen

1. The first black flag will come out.

2. Then there will be an invasion of India.

3. Then there will be massacre of Hindus in India.

4. Then there will be massacre of people who are ill-wishers of religion in India. Like the insolent and cursed Qadiani etc

5. Then the third world war will begin.

6. Then Constantinople will be left in the hands of the Muslims.

7. Then Sufiani will appear.

8 Then Hazrat Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) will appear.

9. Then Sufani's army will go to fight with Hazrat Imam Mahdi, then it will be sunk into the ground at the place Beida between Makkah and Madinah.

Banu Qalb's army will be defeated by Imam Mahdi. Which has been ordered to return by the Messenger of Allah.

11. Then the black flags will rise as a storm towards Arabia from the east. All the Jewish navy will come to the field to save the Arabs and will be badly destroyed by the hands of the black flags.

12. Then, in order to break the siege of the holy Hijaz, near the Persian Gulf, they will fight a great battle against the Black Flag Dajjals and break the siege.

13. Then this army will advance to pledge allegiance to Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) and on the way, the city of Najd will be engulfed by their stormy invasion.

14. Then this army will pledge allegiance to Imam Mahdi.

15. Then they will ask for treasure from the Arabs. They will refuse to give. Then they will be brutally killed by the black flag men. During their massacre, the black flags will wet the sands of Arabia with the blood of Arabs. This terrible massacre is also mentioned in the blessed hadiths. This will be the reason that the Arabs will remain very few.

16. Then the Arabs will run away and take refuge in Mecca and Medina and want to give treasure for their lives, but they will refuse to take black flags.

17. Then the target of the next invasion of the black flags will be Egypt. Which is mentioned in hadiths. Then Iran's turn will come. But Iran will save lives by accepting obedience.

18. Then the Romans will ask back their people who have accepted Islam. If not, 80 Roman flags will come out to fight the black flags. There will be 60 thousand Romans under each flag. Seeing such a number of them, one third of the black flags will run away. Whose repentance Allah will never accept. On the first day, Muslims will send a party to fight. The entire party will be martyred by evening. Then, on the fourth day, all the people of Islam, who will be the ones with the black flag, will attack the Romans together. Then they will wage such a war that no nation has waged such a war before in human history, or he said that it will be such a war that has never been fought before. Then Allah will defeat the Romans. Then the Muslims, i.e. the black flags, will massacre them. Even a bird will fly by the side of the dead bodies of the Romans. He will fall to Mercury but will not be able to cross the sea of corpses. And even if he dies, he will fall on a dead body.

After this battle, more than half of the army will go to Armenia. Black flags will descend on Armenia in the form of storms and storms, and Armenia will have to see the destruction in front of which the stories of Babylon, Nineveh and Baghdad are hatched. It will be mentioned in the blessed hadith.

From there, the army will meet with Imam Mahdi and besiege Constantinople. Allah will reward the jihad of the black flags that Constantia will be conquered by their slogans. Then some army of black flags will leave for Europe. And when it reaches the threshold of Europe, there will be chaos in the whole of Europe. But the news will also reach that Dajjal has come out. Then this army will return from there very quickly. Their speed will be very fast.
According to the blessed hadiths, this will be a very tough test. It will be a very tough time. Whoever manages to find a little rest time will be considered powerful. As soon as they come, those Romans in Arabia will have met Dajjal. They will bleed from three places at night. And none of them will return alive.

 Then the Muslims will see that Hazrat Isa will come and Dajjal will melt like salt in water after seeing him. Then he will run away from there and will be killed by the hands of Hazrat Isa. Then the black of the Jews Flag bearers will commit mass murder. This will be the time when the believers will be waving the flags of conquests from the east to the west. And what Allah promised in Surah Bani Israel will be fulfilled. In other words, there is no unbelieving and disobedient settlement that we will not destroy before the Day of Resurrection.

Then Hazrat Isa will be ordered to go to the mountain and close the fort. Gog and Magog will come out and spread great temptation. Allah Ta'ala will send down His wrath on them and they will be attacked by a worm called Nifa and they will die. Then the Muslims will live in peace for seven years. Peace will be so much that the child will drive away the tiger. Jihad will end. Swords will become swords.

Satanism will be destroyed. And the respite given to Satan until the Day of Resurrection will end. Then a soft wind will blow which will end Islam in the world. Now the Abyssinians will rule the world. And self will rule. An Abyssinian with crooked legs and blue eyes and a thug will topple the Kaaba and throw stones into the sea. The cover will be burned and the treasure will be taken home. Then the resurrection will begin step by step. And the time of your Lord's promise will come.

The temptation of Dajjal will be very severe. To protect against this, make it mandatory to recite Surah Al-Kahf every Friday.

Please do not limit this valuable information to yourself. In gathering this information. We have worked hard for four years.

There is no knowing when the Day of Judgment will come, so have you prepared for it? Indeed, with the knowledge of Allah, the Most High, we have to prepare, we have to try, we have to think, we have to save ourselves and the generations from this temptation.

God willing

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