Quran Juz / Part / Para - 6 La Yuhibullahu Summary

Quran Juz / Part / Para - 6 La Yuhibullahu Summary

Quran Juz Part Para - 6 La Yuhibullahu Summary

Juz 6 – La Yuhibullahu Summary

• The 6th Juz starts with important Islamic principles: Islam instructs hiding peoples’ faults, and dislikes publicizing evil. However, it is permitted to raise voice against the cruel (dhalim).
• One can either publicize or hide a cruel person’s faults if he (the oppressed) wants to forgive. Allah Likes when people forgive their oppressors.
• Verse 149 states that one has to believe in Allah and all of His Messengers. Belief in Allah and refusal to believe in one or a few messengers is disbelief, and such people will face humiliating torment in the Hereafter. Believers in Allah and All of His Messengers will receive reward.
• Jews and their mischiefs are then mentioned in detail. The Jews of Madinah asked Prophet Muhammed ﷺ to bring a letter from Allah to prove his prophethood. Allah asked our beloved ﷺ to ignore them and that their forefathers put weirder demands to Sayyiduna Musa (alaihissalam), one of them was to arrange their physical meeting with Allah. 
Sayyiduna Musa (a.s.) showed them his miracles, but despite that they started worshiping a calf. Jews were taken a pledge of repentance, were instructed to enter Bayt al-Maqdis with humility, their day for worship was fixed on Saturday (and the list of instructions given to them is lengthy), but they never adhered to any of these. 

Due to their bad deeds & behavior, Allah says that He sealed their hearts in a way that they will never accept Islam. 
• Verse 160 talks about those Jews who pondered and accepted Islam. Allah says that He will soon give them a Glorious Reward.
• Then Allah mentions about a few prophets, and that their jobs were to call people toward Allah and ready them for the hereafter. Then He tells Prophet Muhammed ﷺ that he ﷺ too has the same job to perform, and that Allah and His Angels are enough to bear witness to his ﷺ job, not Jews if they don’t accept Islam.
• Verse 170 calls all the people toward Islam and to accept Allah’s Godship and Prophet Muhammed’s ﷺ messengership. If people don’t do so, Allah says that everything in the universe is His, and their disobedience can bring them strict punishment.
• Then Christians are being addressed to. Allah asks them not to exaggerate their belief, and not to cross the red line in their faith. It is not piety to call Jesus (Isa alaihissalam) as the son of God. Neither Jesus (a.s.) nor any of His Angels felt any shame in calling themselves Allah’s slave. God is Only One, and He is Pure from Having children. Then Christians are asked to repent and turn to the Oneness of Allah (Tawheed).
• At the end of Surah Nisa, Allah calls people toward Islam again, and this chapter ends with discussing a solution to one of the matters of inheritance to a person with no near relatives.
• *Surah Maidah:* Revealed in Madinah Munawarah, it is an important chapter on knowing Shariah and its implementation.
• *Prophet Muhammed ﷺ instructed: “Teach and train your men on the issues discussed in Surah Maidah, and those in Surah Noor to your women.” -Sunan Bayhaqi*
• Overall, Surah Maidah describes multiple Shariah principles, and three stories.
• This Surah also has the famous verse which was revealed on the Farewell Hajj of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ, which talks of the completion of Islam as a way of life, and the only religion acceptable to Allah. 
• As far as the Shariah principles go, Surah Maidah covers and instructs these issues:
1. Pledges, agreements and covenants (be they be between Allah and humans [in the matters of faith], or between humans [on worldly matters]).
2. Sales and purchase
3. Partnership deeds
4. Rentals
5. Marriage
6. Oath/Swear
• Once, the polytheists took away Muslim owned animals by force, and clothed themselves in Ihram and set off toward Kaba to perform Umrah. Muslims wanted to take their livestock back by attacking them. Allah revealed Quranic verse and said that it is an insult to the Signs of Allah to attack someone who is in Ihram (remember, they were polytheists, but still!).
• The list of impermissible items to consume is given again.
• Rules on animal-aided hunting are mentioned.
• Rulings on Zabeeha by the People of the Book, and marriage with their women are stated.
• Ways of attaining purity (Taharah), and those of Wudu (ablution) and Tayammum (dry ablution) were revealed.
• When the polytheists planned to attack Muslims in Hudaibiyyah; Allah made them awestruck and kept them off from attacking. Allah taught Muslims to be thankful for His bounties.
• Codes of conduct were revealed on military and armed operations. Allah talks about Jews & Christians that they too were bound with such like covenants, but they broke them. The Jews became cold-hearted, and the Christians inculcated hated and enmity in themselves because of such breaches.  
• Allah then denied the Christian belief of Sayyiduna Isa (a.s.) being the son of God, and strongly held the fabricated Jewish beliefs into account.
• After mentioning the two sons of Sayyiduna Adam (alaihissalam), Allah says He accepts the sacrifice of the Godfearing ones. This tells us that the hard work for establishing Islam will be acceptable from only those who will refrain from disobeying Allah’s commands. Qabeel killed his brother Habeel due to jealousy. Qabeel will take, apart from the individual murderers themselves, the burden of all the murders till the doomsday. 
• Habeel had advised Qabeel to refrain from unjust killing. He also told Qabeel that if he tries to kill him, he will not try to kill him in turn as a reaction. He said he feared Allah. 
• But Qabeel killed Habeel and bore the loss. Then Allah showed Qabeel, through a crow, how to bury the dead body. Qabeel then felt regretful for the killing. 
• Allah then talks about the biggest threat on earth - terrorism. He the Exalted said: “Those who fight against Allah and His Messenger ﷺ, and spread rampage on earth, must either be killed one by one, or be hanged, or their hand and leg be amputated (one from both sides), or they be imprisoned.
• Allah said that every soul of a human is highly regarded in the Sight of Allah. No one has the right to kill anyone unjustly.
• Then Allah forbade Muslims from having emotional and heartfelt friendship with Jews and Christians.

Contemplating to this Quranic advice, we see how Jews and Christians, despite having strong political and religious differences, unite themselves against Muslims. Despite clear and evident advices being rendered by Allah again and again, it is to our biggest surprise we see today that the leaders of the Muslim nations extend their hands of friendship and cooperative ties toward them, and drop mountains of persecution on Muslims on their commands & orders. Allah help us!

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Reference: Aaina Mazameen Qur’an (originally Urdu) by Maulana Afroz Quadri, South Africa.

Its English translation is being produced under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Syed Aleem Ashraf Jaisi (Allah protect him), HoD Arabic, MANU University; President, The Qur’an Foundation, Hyd., Ind.

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